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Why You Should Not be Afraid of Immunization

Why You Should Not be Afraid of Immunization

Any internal medicine physician in McKinney, Texas will tell you that immunization is a good way to protect your family and yourself. It helps make your body immune to a disease.

But a lot of people are afraid of getting their shots, especially with needles. Instead of focusing on what you are afraid of, the following benefits should tell you that it is okay to get your shots.

  • Controls or eradicate a disease
    Health prevention and promotion are crucial in preventing a wide variety of diseases. With immunization, it helps wipe off a disease totally. Before vaccines, polio had hundreds of thousands of cases yearly. But now, there are less than a hundred.
  • Prevents the spread of a disease
    When everyone in the community is immune to the disease, it helps keep it in isolation. As a result, there will be no spike in cases that may overwhelm the medical capabilities of a certain community.
  • Protects you and your family
    Of course, you want to protect the entire family from different diseases. Vaccination is a safe, often free way to get that kind of protection.
  • Protects others
    When your body is immune and can fight off the disease, it prevents you from being a carrier of such a condition. As a result, you keep others from getting sick.

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