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Understanding Stroke and How to Reduce the Risk


Have you heard about stroke and how it can cause brain damage in a matter of minutes?

Stroke can be dangerous to a human since it occurs when the blood vessel in the brain is blocked. In some cases, the blood vessel ruptured.

Health prevention & promotion is important. Hence, learn to know more about the symptoms of a stroke.

  • severe headache and confusion
  • numbness, tingling sensation, or weakness in the arms
  • changes in the vision with troubles of speaking
  • loss of balance
  • loss of movement on the face or the limbs; usually, the defect will only affect one side of the body

Reduce your risk of stroke and start adopting a healthier lifestyle such as proper diet and exercise. Second, monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Third, if you happen to smoke, quit smoking. Lastly, have your health and overall wellness checked. An annual general check-up is highly recommended to keep your body healthy and monitored.

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