Since hypertension can be common, many people may not realize the true danger that it may cause. This condition is characterized by blood pressure that is higher than normal, causing a wide range of dangerous health problems.

As advocates of health prevention and promotion, we always want what is best for the health of our clients. Let us discuss hypertension and how it can endanger your overall health.

For one, prolonged high blood pressure can damage a lot of your body parts. It often starts with damage to your arteries.

Since the pressure is high, the lining of the arteries can be damaged over time. When this happens, they lose their elasticity, making it hard for them to let blood pass through.

Furthermore, high blood pressure can cause damage to the heart. Hypertension caused by narrowed arteries may limit blood flow to the heart. When this happens, there will be grave consequences.

Limited blood flow to the heart will cause damage to heart cells. This can also cause irregular heart rhythms and even heart attacks. Hypertension essentially leads to heart problems that can lead to heart failure.

Of course, hypertension can also lead to strokes as it limits the oxygen supply of the brain. Strokes can be dangerous and can be life-threatening.

Many of these dangerous complications can be caused by hypertension. With that, we should take every step to ensure that your blood pressure stays at normal levels.

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