“Make your decisions with your heart, and you’ll end up with heart disease,” Harvey Mackay, an American entrepreneur and author, once said. Though his statement sounds like a pun, there is some truth to it.

Every 36 seconds, one person dies from heart disease in the U.S, according to the CDC. Cardiovascular illnesses are the leading cause of death in the country. As such, Ken Park MD PLLC strives to raise awareness on heart health prevention & promotion.

With that, here are some lifestyle tips you can sneak into your everyday life:

A Balanced Diet
You may have heard this a lot ? eat a balanced diet! To further exemplify, here are a few suggestions from Harvard Medical School:

  • Eat at least one vegetable or fruit every day.
  • Cut down your calorie and sugar intake.
  • Try seafood!
  • Grab some nuts!
  • Serve whole grains for your breakfast.

Get Moving
Start a daily exercise routine. If you’re unsure which activities are best for you, talk to an internal medicine physician in McKinney, Texas. Otherwise, you can get started with a ten-minute daily walk.

Do Yoga
Yoga is a great way to calm your mind. This activity also involves deep breathing and focus, which relieves you from stress.

Mental Health
A positive mind has been proven to boost your mood and overall well-being. Start by listing down the things you are grateful for every morning. Also, try to make someone (even a stranger) smile daily to give yourself a sense of purpose.

To guide you better in your journey to a healthier heart, talk to us! With our telemedicine services in Texas, you can reach us anywhere and anytime you want.

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