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Health Prevention & Promotion in McKinney, Texas

Primary Care  – Dr. Park provides integrated, personalized care for children (13 and over) and men and women of all ages. As an internal medicine physician in McKinney, Texas, his philosophy is to provide the highest level of care on a preventative basis to help you increase your quality of life.

Chronic Conditions Management – Dr. Park provides state of the art treatment and education of chronic conditions such as Diabetes, COPD, CVD, Asthma and Pain Management. He partners with a strong network of Specialists that help compliment managing diseases for optimal continuum of care.

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Dr. Park’s practice is a certified BioTE site. He offers bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to help balance hormones for both men and women.  Take control of your health today by scheduling a consultation.

Vitamin Therapy – Dr. Park offers essential supplemental vitamins (orally, injections and IV’s) to help manage your health on a preventative basis. His vitamin therapy program also addresses dehydration, vitamin deficiencies and managing your metabolism for ultimate weight loss.

Cardiovascular Wellness Program – Dr. Park offers comprehensive cardiovascular testing which includes EKG test, stress test, PFT test and ultrasound in the convenience of our office. His wellness program will provide personalized data to help you understand any risks you may have based on your family history or current health and lifestyle. Knowledge is power!

Sports Physical Examinations – Dr. Park provides same day Sports Physical examinations for children for all ISD’s.

Pre Operative Clearance – Dr. Park offers pre operative (surgical) clearance for your scheduled procedures/surgeries and provide detailed  same day History and Physical reports for review.

Allergy Testing – Dr. Park offers on site allergy testing (food and environmental) to help better manage your day to day symptoms and nutritional challenges.

Telemedicine Services – Dr. Park makes it possible to obtain medical care when you need it the most, including evenings and weekends. We want our patients to have access to care within the comfort of their home when it is not possible to travel to our office. Call our office to schedule a consultation and we will walk you through the best way to receive care over the phone and prevent a trip to the emergency room or urgent care.