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Have We Reached the COVID-19 Vaccine Plateau?


According to recent nationwide surveys, COVID-19 vaccine enthusiasm in the United States has reached a plateau. The Verywell Health Vaccine Sentiment Tracker shows that overall acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine has plateaued after steadily climbing since the beginning of the year.

Kaiser Family Foundation’s Vaccine Monitor reports that the number of adults who intend to get vaccinated as soon as they can have fallen to 9 %. With vaccination acceptance stagnating, this poses a huge hurdle for President Joe Biden’s goal of getting at least one vaccine dose to 70% of U.S. adults by Independence Day (July 4).

If you’re having second thoughts about getting vaccinated, consulting with a reliable Internal Medicine Physician in McKinney, Texas can help you get answers to all your questions.

With limited access to Health Prevention & Promotion services in this time of the pandemic, we understand if getting professional care and assistance can be tough, especially for those living in remote areas.

Luckily for you, we at Ken Park MD PLLC now offer Telemedicine Services in Texas to help you get the treatment and diagnosis you need to live healthily and safely.

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