Frequently Asked Questions About Telemedicine


We frequently fail to use health services because we either don’t know enough about them or don’t know anything about them at all. This is unfortunate since we may be missing out on the variety of benefits such services may offer. If you’ve been meaning to opt for telemedicine services in Texas yet are hesitant because you lack the necessary information on it, we’ve got you covered!

Apart from providing the highest quality of services, Dr. Ken Park MD PLLC, an internal medicine physician in McKinney, Texas, also sees to it that the public has access to crucial health and wellness updates.

As such, here are frequently asked questions about telemedicine along with their respective answers:

  • What exactly is telemedicine?

    Telemedicine is the practice of using telecommunications technology to provide clinical treatment to patients at a distance. It’s a way of treating patients that makes use of the internet and phone. This can include real-time video visitation, secure email, and remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs.

  • Is telemedicine risky?

    Clinicians are bound to the same standards of care while doing telemedicine visits as they are when performing in-person visits. Likewise, the same privacy and confidentiality regulations that apply to in-person consultations apply to telemedicine appointments.

  • Is telemedicine the same as telehealth?

    Telehealth differs from telemedicine in that it refers to a larger range of remote health care services than telemedicine. Telemedicine pertains to remote clinical services, whereas telehealth can include remote non-clinical services.

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