What Happens During a Sports Physical Exam?

A sports physical is a vital prerequisite for children and teens who wish to take part in sporting events. The examination will determine an individual’s fitness and readiness in physically demanding activities. More than health prevention & promotion, a physical exam helps athletes maximize their potential.

At Ken Park MD PLLC, we will give a glimpse of what’s happening during a sports physical. With our internal medicine physician in McKinney, Texas, you may have to undergo the following:

  • Medical History Review
    Our physicians will delve deeper into your child’s current medications, previous illnesses, recent surgeries or injuries, history of breathing difficulties/chest pain, and more.
  • Vital Signs Checking
    Monitoring the vital signs helps patients keep track of their physical health and sports readiness. Your doctor may collect info that includes body temperature, respiration rate, and pulse rate.
  • Physical Strength Tests
    The doctor will conduct a series of tests to evaluate the patient’s range of motion, vision, flexibility, muscle strength, and more.
  • Other Tests Depending on the results, the physician may recommend further tests to ensure optimal physical fitness. These tests may include heart and lung exams, EENT checks, blood tests, and the like.

Physical activities are a form of exercise to keep the body in tip-top shape. However, you need to consult your physician to identify the right exercises that suit your body’s needs.

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