Top Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes


As a provider of health prevention & promotion programs, we are experts when it comes to maintaining one’s health and wellness, including how to reduce one’s risk of diabetes. Ultimately, there are three things you need to do: eat healthily, exercise regularly, and practice good lifestyle habits.

  • You have to maintain a healthy diet.

    Eat less refined carbs and sugar as they stimulate the pancreas in producing more insulin. Over time, this can lead to high levels of blood sugar until it becomes type 2 diabetes. Avoid highly processed foods as they usually contain chemical preservatives, unhealthy fats, and added sugars. Eat more foods rich in fiber as it helps with maintaining your gut health and managing your weight.

  • Engage in physical activity every day.

    People with prediabetes often have insulin resistance. This means that your cells resist the sugar from your bloodstream. In turn, your body produces more insulin to compensate. But studies have shown that exercise helps increase your cells’ insulin sensitivity. Some of the best exercises to help manage prediabetes include strength training, HIIT, and aerobic exercise.

  • Change Your Lifestyle Habits

    Drink plenty of water and make it your main beverage. Increased intake of water can result in better insulin response and blood sugar management. If you are smoking, you need to quit. It has been thought that smoking may contribute to insulin resistance and insulin secretion. Smoking is strongly linked to an increased risk of diabetes.

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