How Do Chronic Illnesses Affect One’s Life?

As advocates for health prevention and promotion, we understand how chronic illnesses can impact one’s life. These illnesses typically last at least a year. Some illnesses can even last for the rest of one’s life. As we continue to provide health and telemedicine services in Texas, we want everyone to...
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The Dangers of Hypertension

Since hypertension can be common, many people may not realize the true danger that it may cause. This condition is characterized by blood pressure that is higher than normal, causing a wide range of dangerous health problems. As advocates of health prevention and promotion, we always want what is best...
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Digging Deeper About Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that produces inflammation in the lungs, narrowing the airways and making breathing more difficult for sufferers. While many patients and their families understand the illness, we've discovered that there are numerous myths about asthma. Here are some common misunderstandings and realities concerning asthma. Myth #1:...
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Practice These Healthy Habits Now!

Developing a healthy daily habit is a simple yet powerful strategy to develop consistency in your health. Not only does your daily routine affect your general health, but it also has an impact on your stress levels, sleeping habits, eating habits, and health prevention and promotion. Choose the Right Types...
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What Can You Get From Regular Checkups?

A physical exam or medical checkup is a routine test done by a physician. It is useful in knowing the person’s health and wellness. A series of medical exams will check on possible symptoms of diseases. An internal medicine physician in McKinney, Texas will assist you in the process. General...
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Things to Know About Sports for Adolescence

When entering into sports, you should prepare physically and mentally. You need to surpass the standards set by the organization. This helps you to join the team for your school. The internal medicine physician in McKinney, Texas can do the sports medical exam to check your health status. Look for...
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