Importance of Preventive Health Care

“Prevention is better than cure.” That is what most people will say. But is that statement true? Absolutely. Preventive health care can save your life. Health prevention & promotion is always better than cure or treatment. There will be nothing to treat if you prevent illnesses in the first place....
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Top Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

As a provider of health prevention & promotion programs, we are experts when it comes to maintaining one’s health and wellness, including how to reduce one’s risk of diabetes. Ultimately, there are three things you need to do: eat healthily, exercise regularly, and practice good lifestyle habits. You have to...
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Regular Health Evaluations Securing Disease Prevention

A major part of staying healthy is to take steps toward preventing illnesses. As we continue to advocate for health prevention and promotion, we understand that there are many ways to achieve this. As we offer telemedicine services in Texas, we know that regular health evaluations are one of the...
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How Can You Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Our lungs play a vital role in the overall operation of our bodies. They allow us to take in oxygen that our bodies need to survive. As an advocate for health prevention and promotion, we fully understand how dangerous any threat to your lungs can be. As we provide telemedicine...
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How Do Chronic Illnesses Affect One’s Life?

As advocates for health prevention and promotion, we understand how chronic illnesses can impact one’s life. These illnesses typically last at least a year. Some illnesses can even last for the rest of one’s life. As we continue to provide health and telemedicine services in Texas, we want everyone to...
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The Dangers of Hypertension

Since hypertension can be common, many people may not realize the true danger that it may cause. This condition is characterized by blood pressure that is higher than normal, causing a wide range of dangerous health problems. As advocates of health prevention and promotion, we always want what is best...
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